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Perfect Day

Don’t let your ceremony be the boring bit before the party. Your ceremony is supposed to set the tone for the day. It shouldn’t be the bit in which your guests feel all tense and like they are being ‘instructed’. I am here to create an environment that allows your guests to relax and immerse themselves in enjoying your story.

Weddings don’t have to be ‘uniform’ and include all the same elements. Celebrant led weddings allow couples to draw from their relationship to create something entirely unique and personal to you! Couples may choose to include religious or spiritual elements or simply have they nearest and dearest sharing memories, readings and stories.

I will guide you throughout the whole wedding planning process so that when it comes to your wedding day, you feel that you are being greeted by an old friend. I know all about your awkward family dynamics, who shouldn’t sit with who, who will need to be told 84 times not to put their iPad in the air to take photos, who will cry, who will make it about them… the list goes on. You get it, I pride myself in knowing anything that matters to you. Because you matter to me, and I am your gatekeeper. I will protect you before your ceremony, reminding you to take a breath and not to rush. I will lead you though the ceremony, handing you a tissue without making a big deal of it. and after, I will say my goodbyes and slope off, it’s not about me getting a photo of us for my fridge…. but if you want one for yours, I get it 😉

A reminder of the journey we will take…

The most important day

Georgie & Brian

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Albertine & Kunal

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From someone who gets very nervous with public speaking/standing up in-front of everyone I was low key dreading our ceremony. However after our first meet with Faye where she came over & we chatted for what felt like Hours I was instantly excited. Faye just got us. Faye suddenly felt like a friend & put us both at ease. It totally changed the way I viewed the ceremony & I couldn’t wait! It was honestly perfect & we got so many lovely compliments about how it was the best wedding ceremony. Faye you are an absolute angel, thank you for making our day so memorable 🩷
Gavin Giddings
Gavin Giddings
Faye = the BEST wedding celebrant EVER! Faye has been amazing throughout our whole wedding journey! From our first meeting when she came into our house, it's like we were welcoming a friend we had known for years. She was so lovely and calming. Faye put together the most perfect wedding ceremony that summed us up as a couple perfectly. The first time we had a read through of our ceremony with Faye, I cried 3 times and laughed even more. The day was perfect and she did her best to keep my partner calm (which was a challenge I've heard!). Even the little things like having tissues that she whipped out from nowhere during our ceremony! If you are unsure on having a celebrant lead wedding ceremony, just do it! We have zero regrets, and it was the best part of our day! Thank you Faye for everything, I already miss you!
Sophie Richardson
Sophie Richardson
There really is not enough words to describe just how amazing Faye is! She put together the most beautiful, funny, clever ceremony and told our story just right, I honestly don’t know how she wrote it as well as she did and only wish I had that talent. The whole process when you book Faye is really special and gets you excited for the big day, she puts you at ease with any worries you have. She’s so relaxing to have around and we just can’t thank her enough not just for the most amazing ceremony but all the extras bits she did to help. She really does go the extra mile, if you wondering what is currently missing from your wedding…it’s Faye xxx
Emily Dawson
Emily Dawson
Faye is everything you could possibly want and need from a celebrant. She is a warm and friendly lady who clearly loves her job. She is an expert at extracting the details of your love story and turning into a beautiful narrative that will have your guests both laughing and crying! She holds your hand throughout the whole process including on the day when nerves may make you wobbly but Faye will be there holding you and your ceremony together! Thank you Faye x
Faye was amazing from beginning to end. From our very first meeting she was easy-going and professional which meant she was great to work with and was able to articulate our story well, a number of people in the audience commented on how good the ceremony she curated was. She was also very attentive and responsive throughout, which meant we were more than comfortable depending on her during a busy time. Would highly recommend to anyone after something special for their own wedding!
Bianca O'Loughlin
Bianca O'Loughlin
Oh Faye. Where do I start??? How can I sum up everything that you have done for us??? For the last two years you have been my go-to person. I think I'm going to be lost now without you! Words really cannot express how grateful we are to you for all of the hard work and effort you put in planning and pulling off our wedding weekend! It was honestly the most amazing feat! And genuinely it would have been impossible without you! To outline Faye’s job/role in our event, it was far from being the typical job of running a single-day wedding, instead she organised, directed and worked a 4-day wedding weekend from start to finish and managed it all seamlessly. She is an absolute hero! In the year/months leading up to our wedding Faye found ALL of our supplier options and helped us choose the best fits for us as a couple. She negotiated prices and deliveries and got us the best deals possible. There were several hiccups along the way and Faye dealt with them all and made sure nothing was missed or forgotten. In the days leading up to the wedding itself Faye managed the setup of the event (co-ordinating the yurt arrival and setup, delivery of furniture, catering marquee, generator, toilets, flowers, and much more). Not only did Faye arrange and organise all the suppliers for us, she also thought ahead and brought loads of her own items with her, including umbrellas, extension cables, an easel, a chalkboard, pen! You name it, Faye had thought of it! On the wedding day itself she was in charge of everything from start to finish. She set up chairs, carried tables, hung pompoms, calmed nerves, arranged music to play, helped the band and DJ set up (she even arranged the magnificent weather!). There was absolutely nothing for us to worry or even think about. She had everything under control. We were just there to enjoy the day, and looking back that was invaluable and is the reason we relaxed and had so much fun. To not have to think or worry about anything other than being in the moment and celebrating with our loved ones was amazing, and all because Faye was there. On a personal note I just want to say that as well as being the world's best planner and organiser, Faye herself is just the most fantastic person. She is friendly, kind, funny and so easy to get on with and extremely supportive. She was brilliant with all the people involved and clearly forges strong working relationships with suppliers. Everyone loves her. As cliché as it may sound, Faye honestly did give us the best day of our lives. Without her so many of the key moments we look back on would be missing. We loved our wedding so much and while I'm not sad it's over, (because it was perfect and we have those amazing memories to look back on) I am already considering a 10 year vow renewal.... So Faye, I know it wouldn't technically be a wedding.... but you'd be on board to help us plan and pull off a vow renewal right???? Do me a favour and put us in your diary for 9 years and 11 months from now. Because there's no way I'd even think to attempt it without you! Lots and lots of love, Bee and Matt.
James Miller
James Miller
Faye was a delight to work with both on the day and leading up to the wedding, welcoming all of our unconventional ideas. Her innate understanding of us as a couple came across fantastically in the ceremony she prepared, and truly captured the essence of us as a couple. She brought calmness and fun to proceedings and dealt admirably with errant dogs and sound mishaps. Thank you Faye!
ellen Parker
ellen Parker
Faye was absolutely amazing from start to finish - she did everything we asked and more. I would recommend her to anyone - you can completely trust her to take care of everything on your special day ☺️
Jessica Sweets
Jessica Sweets
A perfect addition to our special day Having a celebrant wasn’t always a part of our wedding plans. But when we had to make a last-minute request for Faye’s celebrant service, despite her already busy schedule, Faye took us on! From the beginning of our communications together it was clear she would only add to our special day. Her energy exudes happiness and excitement and we really felt she cared to make us feel special. We had a lovely video call where she got to know us better and when she sent her first draft of our speech, I felt so touched. It felt like she really understood our story and we were so excited for our family to hear it. On our wedding day, Faye was super supportive and reminded us to breathe throughout the ceremony. She led us every step of the way and I felt she was the best person to lead our ceremony and definitely a huge reason why it was so perfect. In addition, we had a hand fasting portion of our ceremony that involved the important women in our lives. Everyone raved at how emotional and unique this part was. I never imagined it going as beautifully as it did! We just want to thank Faye for being a part of our special day. Highly recommend her services and the different, unique touches Faye has to offer.
Catherine Hudson
Catherine Hudson
Faye gave us the most beautiful personal ceremony, it was perfect and everything we imagined. She made us feel at ease and made our big day even more special. We cannot recommend her enough!!

The Journey

Frequently asked questions

Can a celebrant legally marry us?

No, depending on your local council it can cost as little as £60 to be legally married at a registry office. Once you’ve signed the register we can really personalise your ceremony. Like birth and death, its is becoming much more common to do the ‘legal bit’ separately to allow you complete and utter freedom with your ceremony. I promise you won’t regret it, and who doesn’t want two excuses for a snazzy meal out?

How much does it cost for a celebrant led wedding?

It’s up to your celebrant, my clients pay £800 which includes 1 face to face meeting (mileage will be charged over 30miles from Cheltenham), a date night box, a cleverly curated personal ceremony, a confidant throughout your wedding planning and of course, I will be there to conduct your ceremony.

Why should we choose you as our celebrant?

It’s important that you are able to connect with your celebrant, you have to be able to trust them and feel comfortable sharing your relationships history. I can be creative and fun, but am a hopeless romantic at heart and love to hear the details of your time together. I have a lot of industry knowledge following 10 years in the industry including managing a wedding venue. I’m not afraid to advise on other elements of your wedding if you do have any questions, I’m all about forming long lasting relationships hopefully one day, I can conduct your vow renewal too!

Am I what you're looking for in a Celebrant?...

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