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Curating personal ceremonies for creative couples.

Curating personal ceremonies for creative couples.

Curating personal ceremonies for creative couples.

Curating personal ceremonies for creative couples.

The Wedding Journey


But what do I know?!

I want you to know I take being a Celebrant very seriously, this isn’t just a past time. I have been involved in live events and weddings since 2009. Creating an immersive experience makes me so happy, this has taken many forms over the years but being a Celebrant enables me to combine my experience in wedding planning, on the day management, supplier liaison and venue management. For the duration of your wedding planning and most importantly on the day, I am your gatekeeper, the scapegoat the person you can throw under the bus when you don’t want to explain your choices. I wholeheartedly care for every one of my couples and that’s because I have been on every side of the coin.

On a more tangible level: In 2014 I graduated from the UK Centre for Event Management with a first class honours in Event Management.

In March 2020 I married the man of my dreams, having planned a wedding for 120 guests the week before our wedding was complete upheaval, thanks to Covid pubs and bars shut the night before our wedding day and we were forced to celebrate with just our Vicar, my Dad to give me away and Adam’s best man as a witness.

In summer 2020 I reflected on the importance of having known our Vicar so well (she was my mum’s best friend and had known me forever), we had a confidant, to support us and be on our side and I realised that non-religious wedding were missing this figure…

…so I qualified with the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants in order to provide that comfort for other couples.

In 2022 we celebrated our wedding and our beautiful daughter’s baptism with the 120 guests we had hoped for since our engagement in 2019.

2023 voted as a regional finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards which holds value as it can only be voted for by couples who I’ve worked with.

From someone who gets very nervous with public speaking/standing up in-front of everyone I was low key dreading our ceremony. However after our first meet with Faye where she came over & we chatted for what felt like Hours I was instantly excited.
Faye just got us. Faye suddenly felt like a friend & put us both at ease. It totally changed the way I viewed the ceremony & I couldn’t wait!It was honestly perfect & we got so many lovely compliments about how it was the best wedding ceremony. Faye you are an absolute angel, thank you for making our day so memorable


Faye = the BEST wedding celebrant EVER! Faye has been amazing throughout our whole wedding journey! From our first meeting when she came into our house, it's like we were welcoming a friend we had known for years. She was so lovely and calming. Faye put together the most perfect wedding ceremony that summed us up as a couple perfectly. The first time we had a read through of our ceremony with Faye, I cried 3 times and laughed even more. The day was perfect and she did her best to keep my partner calm (which was a challenge I've heard!). Even the little things like having tissues that she whipped out from nowhere during our ceremony! If you are unsure on having a celebrant lead wedding ceremony, just do it! We have zero regrets, and it was the best part of our day! Thank you Faye for everything, I already miss you!

Gavin GiddingsGroom

There really is not enough words to describe just how amazing Faye is! She put together the most beautiful, funny, clever ceremony and told our story just right, I honestly don’t know how she wrote it as well as she did and only wish I had that talent. The whole process when you book Faye is really special and gets you excited for the big day, she puts you at ease with any worries you have. She’s so relaxing to have around and we just can’t thank her enough not just for the most amazing ceremony but all the extras bits she did to help. She really does go the extra mile, if you wondering what is currently missing from your wedding…it’s Faye xxx

Sophie RichardsonBride

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